Don't Tell My Girlfriend

by West the Defender

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released November 25, 2011

all songs written and performed by west the defender.
produced by tom stratton and justin posyton.
recorded and mixed by tom stratton at soundwaves recording studios in union, nj.
mastered by alan douches at west west side music in new windsor, ny.
artwork by danny hynes.
layout by joey stasio.
west the defender is:

justin posyton - guitars, keys, vocals
pete mitchell - guitars, theremin, ukulele, vibra tone, vocals
kyle matthews - piano, organ, keys, guitars, vocals
ryan klimchock - bass, vocals
kris "six" brandyberry - trumpet, vocals
nick "djlilnicky" netta - drums, percussion

guest musicians/vocals:

tom stratton - guitars, organ, percussion, irish spoons
joey "radboard" stasio - guitars
ryan mcnulty - percussion, vocals
duane okun - guitars
philip carmine nasty - vocals
tim giunta - vocals
marco vitali - strings

dedicated to the memory of nicholas e. netta.

thank you…

momma west, poppa the defender, all of our families and loved ones. john jameson. kevin bryan, tom stratton, bob vetter, steve blau, ryan "mr. friday night" mcnulty, joey radboard and everyone else at soundwaves. lou panico… sir i need to pay with a credit card. dj lilcee, dj beatbreaker, danny hynes, chris tulloch, matt ballister, and danny devito. mo menzel for everything. sonja for the shaky videos and for saving ryan's life. chris aka lurch. david williams, katie paster, ron giameo, kyle nemick for the photos. frank fidoosh for keepin' it real. buddha, elanor, and iggy for keepin' it real poopie. chris kontos and family. chris michaels. ben kelly and jersey fresh live sound. evil girl entertainment. anthony from dark horse percussion. 10th street live, butch kowals, crossroads, van gogh's ear, maxwells, kenny's castaways, the stone pony, crash mansion, and all of the other amazing venues we've had the privilege of playing. and anyone else we've touched, or been touched by… don't tell our girlfriends. yea yea yea yea yea yea yea.

bands we love…

afteryellowred, b-funk, bern and the brights, boy vs. ghost, cash cash, chocolate bread, cronophoto, the downrights, the elephant in the room, the embracers, flashlight arcade, gerald edward, joe tiano, matt koziol, monday night bear claw, morning, philip and the nasty, praha depart, socratic, the static jacks, sticky bandits, strawberry jam, the ugly club, the urbalist… and anyone else we've shared a bill with.




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We are West The Defender. We play music that our friends like to drink heavily to.

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Track Name: Boop!
well I came, and I've gone
I've been beaten and I've scorned
now there's nothing left to lose
I just want you

well I'd take what I want
yea I'd strut and I'd flaunt
now you got me all confused
don't say I didn't tell you

there's no need to lie
I never could cry for the things that I've done
so don't say goodbye
just give it a try, see you've already won

let's get tangled in a web
of 500 count egyptian cotton, yea
I love your body naked

keep the curtains closed 'til four
take your clothes off
and leave 'em scattered on the floor

I'm tarnished and rusted
my parts don't swivel, hinge, or turn
my gears are untrusted
someday soon I'll have to learn
this old heart's got some miles

I'm impatient
I get bored
(but girl you're the one that he's been lookin' for)
Track Name: Barside Casanova
dark camouflage smeared around his sinking eyes
she's on to him, he fishes her with lies
about his former life before retired
how his greedy wife set the house on fire

"I'm all alone" he whispers in her ear
he'll sing the song he knows she wants to hear

seven years have passed, she's birthing his fourthborn
still a bachelorette, he's fucking in the thorns
of another man's wife, libido on fire
givin her the same old hook and wire

we're all alone
Track Name: Theme From Posyton's Radboard in D Major; Movements 1-6, 8.
so some of them say
you'll never see me settled and tamed
well, that's just ok
there's a first time for every little shame
and I could be happy just falling asleep
with you kissing me
cause damn those lips drive me insane

to think I could have said
things couldn't be better this way
I've always known the right things to say

I was lonely
now I'm only
always thinking about you
you know it's true

picture me like this
think of me right here, right now, right

do you believe
that we're not alone in this filthy commode
and we call it normal
and everyone's happy?
see, change is about reinvention and doubting
the outcome is clear
we're on a broken bi-way

I keep in touch with my dark side
so everything isn't so bright
so bright, so bright.
Track Name: Here's Lookin' At You, Kid.
of all the gin joints
in all the towns
in all the world
I walked in hers
and I saw a face that could launch a thousand ships
or any old cliche

I always thought that it could be
someone who unexpectedly had a brand of trance
with just one glance

don't be afraid when things aren't so black and white
cause there's grey in everything

of all the gin joints
in all the towns
in all the world
I walked in ours

don't be afraid when things aren't so black and white
there's grey in everything
and i see the silver lining
Track Name: Ms. April (Yo, Let Me Smell That!)
we're not makin' tunes like we used to
mixin' up the old and the new school
but this shirt and this tie
says we can tell lies
as long as it appeals to you fools

another post-hardcore disaster
gone pop can't go much faster
so here's a new song
you sing along
it goes like "la di da di da"

we were under the impression
rock and roll's about expression
but here's the real truth
it's all a big ruse
it's all about the dollars, girls, and booze
the girls and the booze

so we keep our confidence high
drink 'til the bottle is dry
catch all the ladies by surprise
singin' "la di da di da"
Track Name: Wear This On Your Sleeve
one more night for old time's sake
as if it was the first time that it was to be the last time
silently crying

I gave it all away again
as if it was an object only of my affection
feels like dying

I just don't know
well, I won't let it show around you
I'll love so much
my heart beats in breakdowns
break it down

you'll probably hear this song one day
and wonder if it's about you
it's not

you probably heard I went away
well, that's my prediction and I'm sick of being right
so I'll just walk away tonight

so break down

sick of hearin' myself talking
fuckin' sick of this stalking
I almost wish you were
I almost wish...
Track Name: She's A Lil' Biddy
hey there girl
I know you never misinformed
I was sure
I never saw such perfect embouchure
and I don't mind gettin lucky once in a while
I don't mind

she's a little bit ghetto
I'm a lotta bit rock and roll

so listen up closely, got a story to yell
I've been putting out fires since the age of 12
with extinguishers filled to the brim with propane
I know I'm a slacker, girl
I know I'm a pain
but I don't mind sittin' shotty all the time
I don't mind

she comes around I lose control
(my knees are shakin' and I can't even stand, girl)

got no license so she's drivin' me home
smilin' since I heard her voice on the phone
now she's got me in her bedroom alone
little tipsy and a lotta bit stoned
Track Name: Snap
keep on talkin', girl
it's been too long since you said anything
about writin' you a song
so darling
here's your song
it's not too long
you can sing along

so keep on goin' baby
dig, dig, dig a little deeper in the middle
light up that cigarette and pull
all night long
here's your song
you were wrong

don't you see
it's not proper for a lady to plea and beg
it's not me
it's you and the colours you see
you see in me

keep on talkin', girl
your words are big
with your best seller novellas
and your menthol cigarettes
you were wrong
all along
here's your song
Track Name: Touch
I swear I'd kill to touch the seam stitch of your bust
I'd never touch another, I won't even bother
cause you won't even call me baby
no you won't even see me lately

I get turned on, you shut me down
a papercut from your tiny tinfoil crown

you always know the switch to flip
you bitch
you always know just how

I swear I'd kill to touch you in your naughty places
and dance my fingers 'round your tiny little waistline
and you won't even touch me baby
no you can't even stomach my face

I give up my surrendered lips
those tits
you always know just how

I swear I'd kill to fuck you one last time without rules
and tie you to my bedpost, whittle your name from my headboard
cause I don't even love you baby.
Track Name: Suck the Faucet
sick of hearin' all these bitches whine
when they could cook a feast of guilt for all to dine
you could find a better way to pass the time
I've never been so disgusted
even after all the things that we've discussed and
you can go and blame anyone for his own crime

well I could die tomorrow and you'd all file in line
the funeral procession would be stunning and you'd have your lies

so think how your so-called friends think
you've got your own brand of stink
you can go and change the world with
plastic cups and organic things,
new faucets for your kitchen sink

so this is how you say goodbye? (saying goodbye to a friend)
pull that rafter right out from your eye (what we recommend)
Track Name: Two Bottles
two bottles of our favourite pinot noir
would certainly find us huddled in our own arms
this I know for sure

if my hands were more apt
I'd built up a great wall
to shield my city with cards
anticipating the call
yea I know it all

the list goes on of the things that I wanna say
had a feeling that you'd sway but

you followed suit
you turned your cheek the other way, girl
you always knew
I'd be the one to walk away, no
we must have grew
at least one of us did, anyway
and it was you

I missed the taste of your lips
the second that you woke up
those bittersweet memories say
"buddy, you really fucked up"
Track Name: Thanks, Goodnight.
her cabaret, her swift melee
hey there little fantasy, come and set the scene
I'm gonna take her home tonight
and I was right, I was right
drank enough to dance my way
to another game of
I seek, you hide
under my sheets in fright
that I won't call you
and say that we'll be good
be good tonight
so thanks goodnight

now it's 3am
she's still kissin' me
and it's really sweet
but I need some sleep
before I choke a bitch tonight
well that's not right, that's not right
you're all gonna hate this song
cause we're always wrong
so go ahead and lie
under my sheets in fright
that I won't call you
and say that we'll be good
be good tonight
well thanks goodnight

your lips so sweet, I want you naked
your lips so sweet, I wanna taste it
under my sheets tonight
and I won't call you
tomorrow we'll be good
but not tonight
so thanks goodnight
thanks, goodnight.